Portraits for a Lifetime of Memories
Cassandra Kendall has been working as a professional photographer throughout the United States for twenty-five years. She currently lives and works in San Diego, California as an Equestrian Portrait Photographer.                                                                                                                       
Cassandra started photographing as a young girl, capturing many outdoor subjects and family pets. When she turned eighteen, portraits and head-shots of people became her main focus. This experience encouraged her to study Fine Art and Photography at San Diego State University. There, she developed her artistic eye and attention to detail. The goal of her studies was to learn the value of composition, balance, contrast and symmetry. This knowledge fueled her passion to go for a competitive career in the wedding and corporate industry. Since 1989, she has photographed over 500 weddings and corporate events to date.

Cassandra worked tirelessly in photo dark-rooms, including one she created out of her own bathroom closet! She would print all hours of the night beneath dim, amber lights. Sometimes in total darkness, feeling her way around the dark-room equipment, agitating photo-paper through chemicals and developers until she made the perfect print.
" I painted with light, burning and dodging, using quality photo 
[Beseler] enlargers. I would print the biggest print I could possibly produce! Those were the days... the archaic film days...before the digital era. It was a time-consuming process but you could really get your hands wet". 

Her favorite cameras include,  Hasselblad, Canon and Nikon. Although, her very first camera was a Holga,  a medium format, plastic camera with a fixed lens. She also shot with Pentax and Minolta cameras. "My first film cameras were excellent learning tools that helped me gain the experience and artistic edge I utilize in my work today. Perseverance, accountability and creative drive are necessary to succeed. I have been fortunate to work with exceptionally talented people in the wedding, commercial and fine-art industry".

"The bottom line is, I love to create heart-felt images; to reflect upon timeless moments. 
Portraits for a Lifetime of Memories.

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